Toast of the Town Toastmasters

Since 1988

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Toast of the Town Toastmasters is a supportive group of new, intermediate, and experienced speakers. Our club members come with varying life experiences and provide a rich learning environment.

Toast of the Town follows the Toastmasters International program and was established in 1988.

Our club features a wealth of experienced members and a diverse group of newer members. All come with varying life experiences and provide a rich learning environment for you to improve your oral communication.

The club is one of the most active and distinguished in the area. Visitors are very welcome at our meetings. Speakers love an audience! Come visit us soon.

Speaker smiling on stage

Get comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Speaker inspiring others

Inspire you audience.

Persuade with power.

Friends in the audience

Make new friends and connections.


Thursday Evenings 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Join us in person every Thursday at

Queen Anne United Methodist Church

1606 5th Ave West

Seattle, WA 98119

We have a Zoom option for those who cannot join us in person. Contact us below for the link.

Prepared speeches

5-7 minute speeches

Each week three members give a prepared speech. Members typically work from Pathways, Toastmaster's learning curriculum, to expand their communication skills.

Table topics

Table Topics

This is where we practice thinking on our feet. The Table Topics Master asks questions to members and guests, who answer with a 1 to 2 minute response.



Each presentation is given a 2-3 minute evaluation, which is actually a speech in and of itself. Effective evaluations note what worked well and suggest areas of improvement for future speeches.



Punctuality is important, and we pride ourselves in running a tight meeting. Our Timer helps us to do just that.

Grammarian and ah counter

Grammarian & Ah Counter

The Grammarian notes interesting uses of the English language. The Ah Counter tallies our Ahs, Ums, and other filler words which detract from our effectiveness.

Tasty snacks and refreshments


We provide refreshments during a break every meeting. Enjoy the snacks and socialize with your fellow toastmasters.

Visit Us

We meet in person every Thursday at the Queen Anne United Methodist Church.

1606 5th Ave W

Seattle, WA 98119

We have a Zoom option for those who cannot join us in person. Contact us for the link.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is a self-paced educational organization that teaches communication, leadership, training, and management skills – fostering personal growth and self-confidence. Toastmasters International is the largest and most successful communication and leadership development organization worldwide. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization's membership exceeds 357,000 in more than 16,600 clubs in 143 countries.

How long has Toastmasters been around?

Toastmasters International was founded in 1924. The Toast of the Town club was chartered in 1988.

Why do people join Toastmasters?

People join Toastmasters in order to:

  • Develop the skills to persuade and convince others

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace

  • Learn to put their ideas across clearly and with conviction

  • Improve their self-confidence before a group of people

  • Learn to think quickly and clearly under pressure

  • Learn to listen effectively and critically

  • Train to become a good leader

How do I join Toastmasters?

You are welcome to attend meetings as a guest as many times as you'd like! If you decide to become a member after attending two meetings, please work with the VP Membership to complete a member application and pay dues ($20 new member fee and a prorated portion of the six month membership dues (we pay $100 every 6 months).

What specifically will I learn to do as a Toastmaster?

In Toastmasters, you learn by doing:

  • How to give an impromptu speech

  • How to give a prepared speech

  • How to evaluate what you hear

  • How to introduce speakers

  • How to chair and run meetings

  • How to communicate and lead

How do I learn these skills?

Once you join Toastmasters, you will enroll in Toastmaster's Pathways education program. This multi-language online learning tool allows you to leverage over 300 practical workplace skills.

How soon will I be an expert?

Each member will progress at their own pace. Some move faster than others but everyone that joins Toastmasters and participates in the program can be sure they will become a competent speaker and leader. As you proceed, you will find that situations that once terrified you, now hold no fears for you.

Who can join Toastmasters?

Anyone over the age of 18 may join Toastmasters.

How do I get more information about Toast of the Town Toastmasters?

Please contact us using the form above. Or check out our Facebook page.


“I joined ToT as a way of learning a new skill and doing it together with my husband. We both felt it would be useful to become better public speakers. We really enjoyed the first meeting at Toast of the Town and immediately decided to join. The supportive and encouraging environment at the meetings kept us coming back and really helped us improve. I was nervous with both prepared and impromptu speaking at first but got really comfortable speaking in front of people within a few months and really enjoy it today. This is not to say that I don't have butterflies before speaking publicly, I still do, but once I start speaking, it goes away."

~ Veena P.

"This might sound a little strange, but I was at a friend’s funeral and they asked if anyone wanted to come up to the front of the church and say a little about the guy who had died. No one moved, but I had been in Toastmasters long enough to get over the jitters, and I thought that it was important for someone to say something, so I walked up there and gave a little speech with a good opening, middle and close. As I was walking up to the front I thought of a strong close, so I turned to my friend’s widow and said "and thank you, Patty, for taking good care of my friend." I heard sobs throughout the church, so I knew I had done a good job. Everyone complimented me afterwards."

~ Ed L.

"I started my Toastmasters adventure in California in the fall of 2012 and was very pleased to find Toast of the Town in my new neighborhood when I moved to Seattle a year later. TOT is a very friendly and dynamic club that offers lots of opportunities to grow as a speaker, team player, and leader—every single week. Not only did TOT allow me to speak regularly enough to finish my Competent Communication manual (Toastmasters' first series of prepared speeches) and start Advanced manuals within the first six months, but club members also encouraged me to use my leadership skills and become a club officer. I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability to speak in public (with preparation or on the spot), provide feedback, organize and facilitate meetings, and contribute to my club's success."

~ Estelle B.

Officer Team

After about five years in various Toastmasters clubs across Oregon and the Bay Area, I moved to Seattle and discovered Toast of the Town in summer 2021. In addition to improving my own public speaking, leadership, and critical thinking skills, I appreciate the new perspectives, cultures, and information I'm exposed to during each meeting. Outside of the club, I work in public relations, enjoy hiking, and am constantly on the lookout for musical groups where I can play my trumpet.
VP Education
After a decade of saying, "I should really look into Toastmasters", I finally attended my first meeting in early 2020 and joined shortly after. I knew that Toastmasters would help me progress in my professional goals, but I had no idea this Toastmasters group would be such a supportive community whose feedback I look forward to each week. Outside of Toastmasters, I work as a speaker, soon-to-be author, and podcaster focused on the HOW of community and friendship. You'll find me with my husband and friends when I sign off from work, perhaps exploring Seattle, traveling, cooking, or just hanging out on the water.
I currently serve as the Toast of the Town's (TOT) Interim VP of Membership and Secretary. My Toastmaster journey began in October 2018 at the West Hartford, CT Toastmasters club. I joined TOT in March 2020 after moving to Seattle in January. I was instantly impressed by the speaking talents and diversity of this club and knew this was the right one for me. I've appreciated the opportunity to get great feedback and put myself outside of my comfort zone at least once a week. Outside of the club, I work in the insurance industry as an underwriter. You can find me running along the streets and parks of Queen Anne. I still can't get over the stunning scenery of the PNW but remain a Patriots fan. Everyone likes the Pats, right?
I joined Toastmasters initially to improve my impromptu speaking, but what keeps me excited to come back every week is the diversity of people and speech topics in this group. I have learned so much from my fellow Toastmasters and am constantly amazed by their interests and abilities.

Xiaoning Liang - Treasurer

I came to this country in July 2013. I joined the Toastmasters club at World Bank in Washington DC in February 2014, where my journey started. By giving public speeches and performing other supporting roles, I've stepped out of my comfort zone; by listening to the diverse stories from people from diverse backgrounds, I've seen a diversified world. After moving to Seattle in early 2020, I continued my Toastmasters journey in Toast of the Town. I really enjoy spending time with the enthusiastic members here on weekly meetings and frequent club events!
Sergeant at arms
After years of procrastinating, I finally attended my first meeting in October 2018 at Toast of the Town and was blown away. This club is full of caring, interesting, diverse, and fun people. I look forward to meetings each week because I always learn something new, and speaking in front of a crowd is much less terrifying now. Importantly, Toastmasters has helped me to be a better product manager and leader at work.